Every great design has a story and this one was made to sparkle a little brighter.


The pretty melt has been designed by a little girl called Avaya. The specifications.... I used her favourite colour pink, and as requested made it shine with glitter and sparkles!!


Avaya loves to pick and smell flowers, so we fragranced the pretty little melt with a delicate bouquet of sweet florals combined with citrus sweet orange notes and a fruit medley of coconuts, strawberries, melons and bananas . Enriched with a floral core of muguet, warm rose and jasmine scattered with clary sage which beautifully rests on a base of sweet vanilla and sugar notes.


If you could describe a melt as Little, Loud and Loved, then Avaya would be the one.


All profits will go towards Avaya's fight against Neuroblastoma.


Avaya's Story


"Avaya has always been an energetic, confident, fun little girl. In October 2019 she started to feel unwell, with intermittent symptoms of aches and pains (mainly in her legs, stomach and back), loss of appetite, tired, pale and just generally not herself. After countless trips to the doctors, and a paediatric consultant, on the 20th January 2020 and we received the devastating news that the doctors suspected Avaya was battling Neuroblastoma, a very rare but aggressive childhood cancer.


After numerous tests, Avaya was officially diagnosed with stage 4, high risk neuroblastoma. Her primary tumour is located in her abdomen but it has also spread elsewhere in her body, mainly her bones and bone marrow. Avaya had eight rounds of intense frontline chemotherapy that initially reduced the main tumour by around 50%. However, as the mass was still wrapped around major blood vessels the consultants deemed it was still too dangerous to operate. Following 3 further rounds of a different combination of chemotherapy, her cancer was stable, but had still not shown any improvement.


As frontline treatment did not work as expected and hoped, it is now referred to as refractory neuroblastoma (we like to call it stubborn!!)


Avaya was enrolled onto a clinical trial treatment (Beacon trial) in August. She has now finished this course of treatment and her disease has slightly improved and is deemed stable, but it’s still not enough for the primary tumour to be removed. We are waiting for suggestions of next steps, from experts at a national neuroblastoma panel to see what they can offer Avaya next. But we also need to look at alternative treatments both in the UK and abroad that aren’t covered by the NHS. Unfortunately, these come at a very high financial cost, far beyond our family's means.




" Our Wax snap bars are 50g, just break off a piece, melt in your burner and the fragrance will be released into the air lasting up to 15 hours per segment.


Recycled PET packaging

Cruelty-free / vegan-friendly

Natural, biodegradable soy wax Infused with botanicals and mica

Long-lasting fragrances

Hand-poured with care in Wales


  • Keep the Wax Melt Burner and tea-light out of the reach of children and pets. Do not burn the tea-light or leave the wax melt burner on or near anything that can catch fire. Ensure the wax melt burner is well ventilated. There must be at least 6.5cm of space above the flame within the wax melt burner.