So you took the scented route and started the car with one of our Diamond Cut Diffuser sets to enhance your journey! Refill, re-use and relax.


A handy 10ml refill in your chosen fragrance to top up your car diffuser, If you are trying a different fragrance this time just let the wooden lid dry out for 3 days prior to filling, so it doesn't effect your new scent.



Please read "How to use" & "Safety Information" prior to purchase.

Car Diffuser Refill

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Car Diffuser Refill
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  • How to use

    • Unscrew the lid and remove the plastic stopper on your diffuser. 
    • Once uncapped, keep upright at all times
    • Unsrew the lid on your refill bottle and place the tip in the bottle gently squeezing to release the fragrance oil.
    • Put the wooden cap back on your diffuser and dispose of the empty refill bottle safely.
    • Gently rotate your bottle  for 10-15 seconds to allow the fragrance oil to penetrate the wood cover, releasing the scent.
    • Tie the ribbon around the rearview mirror and adjust the string to prevent the diffuser from hitting or banging against the windscreen glass.
    • Whenever you feel the scent throw is too mild, simply rotate your diffuser gently from side to side to release the fragrance oil into the wooden cover. Be careful not to shake too vigorously as it may cause spillage
    • TIP - The warmer the air and the higher the air flow, the stronger the scent throw